Sam Ho

Co-founder & Chief Operation Officer


Sam Ho is the co-founder and the Chief Operation Officer of Asia Pacific Internet Centre Limited (APIC). Before joining the company, he was the Program Director of the Hong Kong-based program for the Motion Picture Association - International (MPA-I) for more than two decades.

Operation history

He established the Hong Kong Film and Video Limited in February 1997 and International Federation Against Copyright Theft (Greater China) (IFACT – GC) in 2004. In this role, he oversaw the Hong Kong and Macau programs and provided logistical and technical support to the MPA’s Regional President to ensure the effective implementation of strategic initiatives that promote and protect the interests of the MPA’s member companies as well as those of screen communities across the Greater China Region including Taiwan. Sam also speaks frequently at seminars and symposiums to educate audiences about various issues relating to content protection in a digital age.

Having served in the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police as Chief Inspector for almost three decades early in his career, he is still the Life Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in the United States.

Professional and academic accreditation

Sam holds both an Executive MBA and an MBA in total quality management from Newport University (California) and spends his spare time to serve the community including but not limited to as:
Founder, Permanent Director and Honorary President, International Federation of Creativity and Technology Limited (IFOCAT);
Founding Member and Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Creativity Industries Association Limited (HKCIA);
Vice Chairman (Supervisory), Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong Limited (MPDA);
Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA);
Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Copyright Concern Group (HKCCG);
Honorary Director, Guangdong Movie Industry Distribution Association (GMIDA); and
Honorary Member, Taiwan Movie Production and Development Association (TMPDA).

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