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Intellectual property protection

We provide investigative works supporting criminal enforcement and civil litigation against piracy and counterfeiting on physical and Internet environments.

We provide online landscape research on piracy and counterfeiting to help right holders to identify proper market strategies and priorities.

We provide disruption services to online infringing and counterfeiting platforms in order to minimize damages to right holders.

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IT Security and Forensics

We provide online computer fraud investigations.

We provide IT security service, which include but not limited to identification of vulnerabilities and threats on IT infrastructures and networks, provisioning of SOP, policies and guidelines to enhance IT security.

We provide digital forensics services, which include but not limited to cloning or imaging digital devices, digital forensics examinations for legal proceedings or for internal purposes, due diligence and OSINT investigations.

We provide digital forensics software and hardware.

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We provide training on online IP protection and investigations.

We provide training on digital crime scene handling and digital forensics examination.

We provide training on OSINT and cyber investigation.

We provide training on digital forensics software and hardware.

We provide tailor-made training package for specific purpose or objective.

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Corporate Re-engineering

We provide landscape and market research.

We provide organisation review and improvement on SOP.

We provide corporate cost analysis.

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